1.0   Version Highlights

  • Kindergarten, School, Institute, University

    IQRA Educational management information system (EMIS) supports all kinds of educational organizations ranging from kindergarten all the way up to universities and institutes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your school or institute is, IQRA will deliver quality services to you withought any delays.

  • Multiuser account system

    The system is designed to support multiple users and multiple user types. This means that all the people in the institute will have access to the system but with different privileges and restrictions. Students are able to see their scores, grades and attendances and teachers have the permissions to post and edit grades, attendances and events while management can monitor all the activities of all the people involved and also apply permissions.

  • Finance / Accounting

    You might think IQRA is just a simple system that holds the data of students and teachers, but it is a very complicated system that supports all aspects of an educational environment including the finance and accounting department. It generates reports, bills and also calculates the income and expenses of your school/institute.

  • Localization

    There are many different educational management systems out there, but IQRA is a system made by Afghans for Afghans. Not only does it support Dari and Pashto alongside English, it also enables you to add more languages so you and your staff don’t face any problems working with the system.

  • Enrollments and Graduates

    With IQRA all the new students are added to the system automatically, you don’t have to worry about sending a copy of the students’ information to all the departments in the institute. IQRA also remembers your graduated students, so even after someone has graduated from your institute or school, you will be able to see full records of the student.

  • Student / Pupils

    As mentioned before, there are many user categories in the system. Each student or pupil can check out their permitted records wherever they want, whenever they want.

  • Teacher / Staff

    Using this system all teachers have full access to the students’ records so they could update and edit a specific student's data without even being in the office. The system shall be available to them no matter where they are.

  • Multiple language support

    You don’t have to worry about not knowing a specific language. IQRA enables you to work with different languages, this includes Dari, Pashto and English. We also have a plan to add more languages like French, Turkish, Uzbek, Turkmen and so on.

  • Parent monitor child activity

    There is no need for parents to go to their childrens' schools anymore. Parents will be enabled to monitor their childrens' activities in school just by using their personal computers. They would be able to see the grades, attendances and activities of their children on the go.

  • Home work document

    All students are able to post their homework and documents to their accounts so they don’t have to worry about going to school and physically handing them to their teachers.

  • Class routine schedule

    All the information about classes such as their locations, the topics and times would be uploaded to the system and then will be accessible for students and teachers.

  • Noticeboard

    All updates on vocations, holidays and events will be posted in the noticeboard so all the people in the school or institute would be aware of what is going on.

  • Report

    The system can generate reports for managers and headmasters so they would have a clear understanding of what is going on in the institute. Various kinds of reports will be generated by the system covering almost all aspects, for example reports about teachers, students, finance and other staff.

  • Invoices and Bills

    All the financial data of all the people in the institute shall be kept safe and available. The system insures transparent transactions.

  • Profile system

    Every user in the system has his/her own profile where they could upload updates about themselves and store some personal data.

  • Student fees management

    Manage student fees very easily.

  • Data Import & Export

    Entering large amounts of data is always troublesome, so we try to remove this discomfort by enabling you to import and export large amounts of data from different sources.

  • Backup & Restore of Database

    Feel safe about your data, because the system ensures data availability. You may take backups manually whenever you want to, or schedule backups to insure the safety of your data. And if a disaster occurs, you are able to restore your data very easily.

  • PDF

    You may download almost all the information in the system as a pdf so it could be readable on different platforms and devices.

  • Excel

    If you have any tables or financial data, you are able to export your data to an excel file for different purposes.

  • CSV

    CSV is a global format readable by almost all computers and smart devices and is convertible to other file types like pdf, excel, word, texts and so on. IQRA provides you a way to download your data as a CSV file type.

  • Emailing System

    IQRA sends emails to different recipients automatically, this saves your time and energy and enables you to focus on other tasks.

  • Study document distribution

    After using IQRA you won’t have to go through the mind bothering process of running around just to get information about a specific document of homework, you would be able to download all the updated documents related to your lessons instantly.

  • Exam marks management

    All the exam marks of all the students with respect to their teachers are announced so that students could check their grades and marks as soon as the teachers upload them.

  • Chart & Graph analysis exam marks

    Numbers are sometimes hard to comprehend for some people so we added an extra functionality that people could see their increase and decrease of grades in terms of graphs and charts.

  • Library Management

    Almost all schools and institutes have libraries so we added this module to manage your library. It keeps track of which books are in the library and which books are taken by which students.

  • Dormitory Management

    Some schools provide dormitories, the system also keeps track of who is staying in the dormitory and who is not.

  • Transportation management

    It’s always hard to find transport nowadays, IQRA provides a transport management system so that all the vehicles responsible for transport of the students and teachers are monitored effectively.

  • Daily attendance

    The system also calculates attendance and absence of teachers and students so that their marks and salaries could be calculated accordingly.

  • Internal messaging

    All the users of the system are able to send one another messages when logged in the system, they don’t need to get out of the system and use an emailing service or mobile to communicate.

  • Secure

    IQRA EMIS utilizes the most efficient encryption algorithms and security measures to keep your data safe and secure. Only those people who are authorized to see specific data are able to see that data.

  • Responsive

    The system isn’t just for computers, you are also able to use all the services of the system on your tablet or smartphone. It is designed to work on different devices with different screen sizes and platforms.

  • High Performance

    IQRA is built to satisfy all your educational needs, it is designed to work fast and effectively in almost all situations. It doesn't matter if the number of users of the system rises up quickly you won’t notice the change in performance and would be able to use the system normally.

  • Regular Updates

    As time passes newer modules will be added to the system so it could become even better and more reliable.

  • Easy Customization

    IQRA is customizable, which means you can change and edit the system however you want. We provided administrative panels to our users so they could have a means of customizing the system without having to call for professional support.

  • Developer support ready

    If at some point you want to extend the functionalities of the system and remove some capabilities we are always available to respond to you and make the system better for you.

  • Best User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Applied

    IQRA is elegantly designed, you won’t get bored or tired of working with the system, it has a looks that is pleasant to the eyes and also easy to use.

    User experience insures that the user enjoys working with the system. We applied the user experience guidelines so that the users don’t feel tired after working with the system.

  • Easy Data Access

    The data is available to you as long as you have an internet connection and a device to login to your account with. You can access your data anytime and anywhere you wish.

  • Multiple Themes

    if for some reason the color and theme of the system bores or tires you, you can always change the theme according to your liking.

  • Well Documented

    Any problems you face while using the system can be solved by reading the documentation. IQRA comes with full documentations in three different languages Pashto, Dari and English.

  • Best quality at lowest price

    The system satisfies almost all of your needs and all this comes at a really low price,

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  • Biometric systems integration

    After integrating the system with biometric systems you will be able to login to the system using your fingers print and other personal qualities. This insures an even greater security and reliability.

  • Mobile Application

    Currently you are able to use the system on a mobile device, but we plan to make a complete mobile application for the system so you won’t need to use the system via a browser.