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Educational Management Information System.

Finance & accounting

IQRA - EMIS supports all aspects of an educational environment including the finance and accounting department. It generates reports, bills and also calculates the income and expenses of your school/institute.

Multiuser account system

The system is designed to support multiple users and multiple user types. This means that all the people in the institute will have access to the system but with different privileges and restrictions.


There are many different educational management systems out there, but IQRA is a system made by Afghans for Afghans. Not only does it support Dari and Pashto alongside English, it also enables you to add more languages so you and your staff don’t face any problems working with the system.

Data import & Export

Entering large amounts of data is always troublesome, so we try to remove this discomfort by enabling you to import and export large amounts of data from different sources.

Backup and restore of database

Feel safe about your data, because the system ensures data availability. You may take backups manually whenever you want or schedule backups to insure the safety of your data.


IQRA EMIS utilizes the most efficient encryption algorithms and security measures to keep your data safe and secure. Only those people who are authorized to see specific data are able to see the data.



IQRA - EMIS is an Educational Management Information System which is a perfect software for your university, school, Institute and even Kindergarten. It manages all the aspects of your business such as Finance, HR, Staff, Students, Teachers, Parents, Exam and much much more.

Stress Free Colors

if for some reason the color and theme of the system bores or tires you, you can always change the theme according to your choice.


All in one!

IQRA Educational management information system (EMIS) supports all kinds of educational organizations ranging from kindergarten all the way up to universities and institutes. It doesn’t matter how big or small you school or institute is, IQRA will deliver quality service to you.

Private messaging

All the users of the system are able to send one another messages so they don’t need to get out of the system and use an emailing service or mobile to communicate.